3 best-corded stick vacuums: Sustainable, easy to use, and high performance

Stick Vacuum is a great alternative to the everyday use of heavy or bulky tank models. The device is rated as the best vacuum cleaners in the world for bare floors and carpets with low stakes. Most machines are rechargeable with limited run time, so it's ideal for quick cleaning. Besides, it is a great choice for those with limited storage space as they are much smaller than vertical and box-shaped vacuum cleaners. The lightweight chassis makes it easy to use and carry around indoors, especially if they're cordless. And below are the top 3 product lines that are favored and highest rated.

1. Eureka Stylus Lightweight: Best for powerful engines

The Eureka Stylus wireless vacuum cleaner is the Best Vacuum Cleaner that you probably know. It has a run time of 20 to 28 minutes, allowing you to do a thorough cleaning anywhere in the house. Compared to others in our testing, we found this vacuum to be relatively heavy, but its wall mount makes it convenient for storage. Its powerful suction power can handle everything from fine dust particles to large debris.


  • Strong engine

  • Long-running time

  • Flat design

  • Convenient storage

  • Strong suction power

  • There is an LED light device


  • Relatively heavy

2. Bissell Air Ram: Best for strong suction power

The series was tested for 37 minutes when tested and is one of the quietest we've tried. The handle sits flat on the ground (by rotating it at the base), making it easy to vacuum under furniture and other hard-to-reach places. LED lights illuminate the floor so you can see even the tiniest dust particles.


  • Small and compact

  • Clean power source corded vacuum

  • Easy to navigate with the swivel handle and handlebar

  • Removable trash

  • Equipped with LED lights

  • Great suction power

  • Features automatic shutdown to prevent malfunction


  • Easy to suck small rugs with you

  • Long operation leads to battery failure

  • Durability is not too high

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3. Dyson Cyclone V10: Best for compactness

Despite its slim appearance, this rod vacuum cleaner was on par with larger ones when it pulled the dirt out of the carpet in our testing. This ultra-light model is packed with a battery indicator, a filter-change sensor, and a two-in-one design. With those features, it also becomes a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Although it will be difficult for users to empty the dust cup, it still finds it easy to use.


  • Long run time, battery life up to 60 minutes

  • Quickly switch to hand-held vacuums

  • Strong suction


  • Charge for at least 3.5 hours before use

  • Difficulty when pouring dust cup

Stick Vacuums are unique in using a rotating brush to absorb dirt and debris, although they generally have a lower suction power. However, they are great for quick cleaning around the house, and some even convert into detachable handheld vacuums.

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