Our world— this impossible wonder— is under our feet but somehow beyond our reach. Our indoctrinations have taught us to bow before societal norms, so we tread through our lives believing we have been born as cogs in a machine built by the dead.

We at MOTI have a different vision to share. As the flora and fauna sustain each other through breath, humanity sustains itself through the respiration of art. Human experiences are both universal and unique, and by exploring this beautiful paradox we can breathe life into one another. All of life is processed within us, filtered through our preconceptions and painted with our biases. At Moti we believe that by shaping ourselves we can shape the greater whole.

Who are we at Moti? We are a community of storytellers who are endlessly curious about the elusive nature of existence. We are sailors of abstract seas, navigating the multiplicity of human experiences on our quest for new and different perspectives.

Will you join our voyage?

We are seeking those who can tap into that infinite well of creativity and produce content that is authentically human— vulnerabilities and all. We are offering the opportunity to join our borderless team of artists who live to create for the sake of creation. We believe that the talent at Moti should not be limited by either language or culture. We’re open to applicants from all over the globe. By embracing what makes us unique, we dissolve what separates us. Moti hopes to be a prism for humanity’s light so we may celebrate the differences that unify our spectrum.

Do you share in our vision? Are you a game changer? If so, come and join us: