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Are Bell Helmet Logos Removable?

Many cyclists and motorcyclists like to personalize safety gear. For example, you may want your safety helmet to reflect your brand, favorite sports team, or charity. In such cases, you may want to replace the logo that came with the helmet. Maybe you researched the Helmet Gurus and bought a Bell helmet, and now you are wondering whether the logo is removable.

Understanding Bell Helmet Logos

Bell, like other helmet manufacturers, uses logos for different reasons. For example, the company uses logos to:

  • Help others easily identify and connect the brand to the company, increasing loyalty and sales.
  • Differentiate the helmets from others that may look similar to them.
  • Confirm the helmet’s build quality and safety.

Bell helmet logos come in two types: decals or integrated graphics. Adhesive decals are materials that the manufacturer sticks to the helmet shell during manufacturing. The manufacturer uses a long-lasting adhesive for the decals.

On the other hand, integrated graphics are materials that the manufacturer directly incorporates into the helmet’s shell material.in many cases, the manufacturer intends for the integrated graphics to last the helmet’s lifetime.

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How long have you used Bell helmets? Have you been able to tell apart the decals and integrated graphics? Pick up your helmet and see if you can tell the two apart – it should be relatively easy. Talk to your riding friends and see if their helmets have similar features. 

Tips and Techniques for Removing Logos 

As discussed above, the integrated graphics on Bell helmets are permanent. In fact, you will likely damage the helmet if you try to remove those graphics since they are part of the helmet. Otherwise, you will soon return to Helmet Gurus shopping for another helmet.

However, you can replace the adhesive decals if you so wish. Say you run a delivery business and want to use your delivery business’ decals on your helmets (or other safety gear). You can do so by replacing the decals. Here are a few options for removing the decal:

  • Gently peel off the decals by hand. Don’t apply excessive force. Otherwise, you might damage the helmet.
  • Try heat application if you cannot peel off the decal by hand. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to warm the decal’s surface. The heat will soften the adhesive, allowing you to peel off the decal.
  • Use commercial adhesive removers to dissolve the adhesive before peeling off the decal.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the adhesive.

These options are not exhaustive. 

Precautions for Removing Helmet Decals 

Whatever you do, be gentle so as not to damage the helmet. Take special care with the helmet’s visor. Visor scratches can affect your view of the road or increase sun glare, becoming an accident risk.

You should also be careful when choosing fluids to soften the adhesive. Be aware of harsh chemicals that can damage the helmet’s finish. For example, some acids might discolor or corrode the helmet.

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Lastly, review Bell warranty terms and conditions before removing logos or altering the helmet. Take special care to avoid making any changes that might void your warranty. Otherwise, Bell might not be responsible for helmet defects or damages you might discover.

Why do you want to remove the Bell helmet logos? Maybe you should check the different helmet designs and styles and see if you can get a preferred one. Use the Helmet Gurus as part of your research.