Everything You Need To Know About Multi Tools

There are days you’d find yourself getting into unexpected situations, where you need some particular tools to tackle some sudden tasks while you are out of the house. Imagine that inconvenience when all your toolbox is left at home when you need that. This is the sole reason why multi tools are invented: to bring people the convenience and mobility that everyone would love.

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Nothing can beat a multi tool as a versatile and reliable everyday carry. With a multi tool, you can effortlessly handle various tasks with just one compact device.

In this article, we will take you through the detailed guide on everything you’d need to know about multi tools. With this piece of information, we aim to equip readers with sufficient information before getting the best multitool for yourself.

What is a multi tool?

A multi tool is a compact device that integrates multiple implements or tools. The idea behind this is to combine various functions into a single compact device with the core purpose of versability and packability. Despite its small and compact design, multi tools can handle many tasks while taking up so little space. Thus, it is ideal for users to carry around in their pockets.

Although it can not replace the whole full-size set of tools, multi tools are undoubtedly the ideal option for a portable version that still keeps the most useful implements.

Types of multi tools

There is a broad array of multi tools available on the market nowadays, which can be divided into three main types: full-size multi tools, keychain multi tools, and customized multi tools. Each type has its own advantages and features to suit different users’ needs and requirements.

  • Full-size multi tools

A full-size multitool comes with full features that can probably replace your toolbox. If you are always on the go yet often need a variety of tools on hand for various tasks, this type is one of the best multi tools on the market for you.

Full-size multitools typically come with a holster made of nylon or leather, which you can use to attach the multitool to the belt for easy access.

  • Keychain multi tools

This type of multitools has a much more compact design compared to full-size multitools, hence greater portability. Keychain multi tools are the best option for everyday carry. However, due to a smaller size, they feature a fewer number of tools and are quite harder to use. You might need time to practice using this tool before putting it out for regular use.

  • Credit Card multi tools

Just as its name, a credit card multi tool is a minimal version of the regular full-size device packed into a much more convenient form: credit card. Although credit card multitools are super thin and small, they still feature basic tools like a knife bladesbit driver, etc. Easily slipping into any wallets, it is truly the best EDC multi tool one would have.

Best brands for multitools

When it comes to EDC devices, products from big brands are typically more reliable and trustworthy for high-quality and reputable product experiences. The three most prominent and most well-known brands in the field nowadays are Leatherman, Gerber, and SOG. With these three brands, you’d never have to have a day worrying about broken or failed products.

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There is almost nothing you cannot do with a multitool. Thus, having a multitool is undoubtedly a no-brainer, especially when you’re always on the go or often not at home to utilize your whole toolbox. With this article, we hope you can now have more knowledge and information regarding multitools to find the right device for yourself easily.