Vacuum Cleaner Review: How To Clean A Dyson Vacuum Correctly

To make The Best Vacuum Cleaners such as a Dyson vacuum last long, you have to clean and maintain them regularly. However, many users have not known how to clean a Dyson vacuum accurately, having the best efficiency.

In the article below, I will provide step-by-step guides to have a deep cleaning vacuum.

Required Materials

Before cleaning a Dyson vacuum, you need to prepare some tools and materials included:

  • A can of compressed air, or air compression
  • Dish soap and paper towel
  • Knife or scissors
  • Flathead screwdriver

How To Clean A Dyson Vacuum Correctly: Step-by-step Guide

#Step 1: Removing dust and dirt outside

The first step is to take your vacuum outside, getting rid of dust and dirt stuck.

You have to disassemble the machine first and empty the canister. Pressing the button on the back between two red pieces and remove the canister shell.

After that, take the foam filters out by opening the bottom lap. You might also notice the HEPA filter, but you only need to clean it about every two years.

Next, removing the roller cover. To do that, you have to place the vacuum upside down, getting a flathead screwdriver.

It is recommended to take a knife or scissors and remove any trapped hair on the roller. To blow out dirt or dust, use the compressed air simultaneously. At this point, place the roller cover back on.

After removing the cover, put the compressed air on the cyclone part of the vacuum placed in a trashcan before. You might feel frustrated in this cleaning period but keep going. Not forget to blow the air on the cyclone part as well.

Lastly, use the exact compressed air to removing dirt from the canister.

#Step 2: Cleaning sponge and canister

After finishing the first step, according to best vacuum cleaner reviews, washing other parts becomes easier. To clean the sponge and canister, gather them and move them to the water source.

Squeeze the water out after putting the sponge filter under it. Keep doing until the water source is pure.

Repeat the process with the canister. Because the canister is central to dust, use a block of dish soap and scrub it until it sparkles.

#Step 3: Wipe Cyclone

Thirdly, wipe the cyclone clean. Use a damp paper towel to get a better result. Remember to unplugged all the cyclone sections and clean all of their holes.

#Step 4: Dry

The final step is to let all parts of the vacuum dry. Dyson manufactory advised to place them outside at least 24 hours. Of course, you do not need to do that with sections not having contact with water like the brush roll.

Some customers forget that step, and they use the vacuum right after cleaning. As a result, moisture left in the cyclone or canister cause clumps of dirt in the holes and make it harder to clean next time.

Final Words

In conclusion, above are detailed guides to clean the best vacuum cleaners in the world made by Dyson correctly. You should follow each step carefully if you want to have a sparkle vacuum and use it in the long term.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful after buying any Dyson vacuum to do your housework.