Digital Account Coordinator Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

If you’re looking at going into digital media, there might be no more accessible entry point than becoming a digital marketing account coordinator. It’s a great way to learn about digital media platforms, the world of media ad distribution, and to get invaluable experience for promotions and other jobs along the way!

However, before you’re great at the job, first you have to get the digital account coordinator position! You might have questions, first, as well: What is the typical digital account coordinator salary? What are some usual digital account coordinator responsibilities?

You’re in luck! In this article, in addition to giving a very general digital account coordinator job description followed by a lot more specifics, we’re going to give you all of the information you need to become competitive for any number of digital account coordinator jobs.


Digital Account Coordinator Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

Digital media is the place to be right now—but, though you might know that, you might not know much about what a digital account coordinator does. What does a typical day look like for a digital account coordinator? How safe are their jobs—and how much do they make? In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve into all of these questions—and more.


Digital Account Coordinator Description

Digital account coordinators work closely with the rest of the digital media team and most specifically with their assigned digital account manager, who will be their supervisor and, often, boss. The account coordinator will be in charge of providing efficient and supportive service to all of the clients working with their assigned accounts on a daily basis—even and especially through the whims and changing minds of customers, which anyone in customer service knows can often change on a dime!

The digital account coordinator ultimately works to make sure that what the customer or client wants, happens—pertaining to all things marketing and advertising when working to support a campaign.

As you can see, this is a very general job description! As such, this is a great opportunity to specialize and grow in a number of fields, as well as teach you about the myriad activities that underlie typical advertising campaigns. Several activities that fall under the umbrella of ‘customer service’ for the typical digital account coordinator are administrative duties, taking care of tracking projects from beginning to end, and taking care of budgets—from making them to researching them to balancing them.


What Do Digital Account Coordinators Do?

In a word, digital account coordinators are in customer service. They’re the ones working in digital media to serve the needs of an ongoing advertising or marketing campaign by listening closely to what the client wants to get done and making it happen—by having an intimate knowledge of everything that’s going on within the campaign and working closely with all of the other members of the team.

This is why the digital account coordinator job is often referred to as an entry or training role—because you will be hands-on with a lot of different parts of the team, meaning that you’ll get a great picture of what’s happening from the inside. This experience will be invaluable when it becomes time for a promotion or a job transfer!

As far as the day to day responsibilities associated with being a digital account coordinator, the tases themselves are simple—but have long-ranging consequences across the team and for the client.

You’ll be emailing and calling a lot of clients (sometimes working with or through your team), making sure all contact lists are up to date, and prepping presentations for the meetings you’ll have on a daily basis to ensure that all of your accounts are where they should be. Qualities most often associated with being a successful digital account coordinator are being good at pitching out-of-the-box ideas, coming up with great strategies for client success, and being able to solve problems very quickly.


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Usually, digital account coordinators report getting to work early, often picking up coffee for themselves and their friends on the way. Sometimes the schedule can vary or be flexible based on your after-work needs, but that will likely vary from firm to firm. The first priority once in the office, after email is checked and coffee is sipped, is to manage what is referred to as a pacing doc.

A pacing doc is a document that represents how quickly the budget for a specific project is being used respectively to its overall timeline. One of the jobs of a digital account coordinator is to ensure that that balance isn’t trending in a way that will leave their clients in the red! The really interesting and important thing about being an account coordinator? Usually, you’ll be the first person with eyes on that pacing doc in a given morning—meaning that if there’s news to share, you’ll be the one who gets to break it.

The middle of the day generally brings with it meetings about the accounts, during which you’ll be making presentations based on what you learned from checking in on them in the morning, and higher-ups may be conveying information that they’ve learned from the clients. When you’re not in a meeting, you’ll likely be at your desk, working on optimizing the accounts—which is an umbrella term that covers many activities, typically those like researching to see if there is any way you can save your clients time or money.

Ultimately, as a digital account coordinator, you’ll be serving at the beck and call of the client and your digital media team—which is one reason this job makes a great stepping stone for those looking to go far!


Digital Account Coordinator Qualifications

We’ve discussed what it is that a digital account coordinator does. Now, let’s get into the stuff that will be important for you prior to getting the job: what is it that prospective employers are looking for when they’re trying to narrow down the field to the perfect candidate? In the next few sections, we’ll discuss the typical education requirements, preferred skills, and even the salary expectations you can consider while you are looking for digital account coordinator jobs.

Typical Education Requirements

As a digital account coordinator position is usually more entry-level or training-specific most employers won’t be looking for an incredible amount of education or experience. That said, they want to know that they’re adding a valuable asset to their team! Typically, prospective employers will be looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree or higher in Advertising, Marketing, Business Administration, or in Public Relations. Note that there are often tracks at schools and universities that offer specific tracks and certifications pointed specifically at going into digital media and digital account management. Taking these courses will not guarantee you a job by any means, but they will make it clear that you have decided that you want this and that you have the basic working knowledge you need to succeed—attractive qualities in a prospective candidate!

Other fields may be accepted, but these are the ones most commonly seen. What might tip the scales in your favor, however, is having some experience. Experience is trending ever upward as a continually more attractive asset to have when you’re trawling the job market—and digital media is no exception. If you’re able to rattle off a host of different digital media platforms and Internet properties in your interview, this dedication and knowledge of the field will not be lost on your future boss!

However, if you don’t have the generally accepted criteria, either educationally or experientially, that’s fine—apply anyway. As mentioned above, this is mainly a training role, and that sense of initiative might be exactly what the employer is looking for!


Preferred Skills

The typical skills that employers are looking for when they go through resumes to fill their job openings are:

  • Being able to research and sustain an intimate knowledge of the client, what they want, and all of the resources and industries each client is working with;
  • Being able to maintain and develop a good knowledge and working understanding of each of the client’s aims—including getting a sense for their company’s culture, what services and products they offer, and what their long-term goals and plans are;
  • Being able to be proactive and persistent without seeming demanding or clingy when it comes to developing a great working relationship with the client;
  • And thinking outside the box as to figuring out ways to always be improving the client relationship.
  • The ideal candidate will have fantastic organization skills, as nothing can get done in a messy office;
  • Communication skills which are productive and have clearly been developed over time;
  • Frequently be called upon to remember small details, as the digital account coordinator will often be the one with the most up-to-the-minute access to data;
  • A great working knowledge of computer and other skills relating to computers (as well as a passion for all things digital media)
  • An innate sense of professionalism and pride for the industry they are in!

Ultimately, the skills required to be a good digital account coordinator are similar to skills needed across many different roles within this industry, making this job a great stepping stone for other jobs along the way. Simply show that you are willing to do what it takes to make the customer happy and you should be good to go!


Digital Account Coordinator Career Outlook

This is a great time to go into digital media! Because of the ever-expanding number of digital properties and the wide-reaching effects that internet media has on people, clients are always going to be seeking ways to advertise and monetize their services on digital platforms. The influence of digital media platforms is only expected to go up over the next decade! That makes now a fantastic time to apply for even an entry-level job, as the number of coordinator positions should be going up as well.

Conveniently, this also means that you’ll likely have a position that will last you for a long time—the stability of this field does mean that jobs should remain secure for a long time to come!


Digital Account Coordinator Salary Expectations

Of course, the specific salary that your firm is able to offer you will depend upon a number of things, including the amount and quality of experience that you bring to the role, the relatedness of your education, and even things like where your firm is located and what industry it serves. As a general rule, digital media agencies in larger cities may pay more, and ones in less populated areas may pay less—because you’re likely to be on more accounts and serving more clients when you work in a big city!

That said, for the purposes of planning, we did find that the average salary that can be expected for a digital account coordinator is about $51,000 per year—with the range extending between about $40,000 per year and $60,000 per year. Use this knowledge to your best advantage by negotiating well during the interview process!


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Then, be sure to reference this handy guide before interviews or at any other time that you feel you need to know more about what goes in to being a successful digital account coordinator! Good luck!