Digital Account Manager Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

Customer service to its most important end: that’s the digital account manager role. If you’re thinking about embarking upon a digital account manager career, you may be wondering what it is they actually do, whether or not you’re qualified for it, and whether it’s a good job to get into right now.

You’re in luck! In this handy guide we’ll go through all of the nitty-gritty surrounding being a successful digital account manager, including the various digital account manager responsibilities as well as commonly looked-for digital account management skills and digital account manager qualifications. By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be all set to apply for any one of a number of digital account manager jobs!


Digital Account Manager Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

On a very basic level, a digital account manager works with a client who has been brought in by a digital account executive to make sure that that client knows everything about what the firm offers and feels taken care of at all times. This will involve you having great people skills as well as an intimate knowledge of various internet properties, and knowing what your team is capable of—and whether they’re doing their jobs correctly. In the below sections, we’ll discuss what a successful digital account manager does on a daday-to-dayasis.


Digital Account Manager Description

What does a typical day look like for a digital account manager? What are the skills and responsibilities that prospective employers are looking for? If you get a job as a digital account manager, what are the best things you can do to keep that job for as long as you can?

And—it’s the question that everyone wants to know the answer to—as a digital account manager, how much could you expect to be making?

You’ll want to know the answers to all of these questions and more before you start your job search, and definitely before you go on a job interview! We’ve compiled all of the information you’ll need into this handy guide.


What Do Digital Account Managers Do?

A digital account manager is in charge of all client relations regarding any projects that they’re doing with your firm. As a manager, you’ll likely be in charge of several clients, with a number of digital media executives working under you—so you’ll also have to display very good managerial skills.


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Of course, what a digital account manager specifically does on a day-to-day basis does vary considerably based upon how many clients they’re working with and where those client’s ad campaigns are, but there are several ingredients that go into a typical digital account manager’s day.

  • Client management. This is the bread and butter of a digital account manager’s day. From reaching out to proactively ensure that their customers are as satisfied as possible to helping digital account executives bring in new clients or mitigate issues, a digital account manager will spend much of their time doing customer service.
  • Ongoing Education and Research. As a manager, one of the digital account manager’s jobs is to be an expert resource for everyone on their team. Therefore, as a digital account manager, you’ll spend a lot of your time researching new digital media platforms and internet properties, reading the news to get a feel for the digital landscape, and teaching yourself how to code and do other media-related skills so that you can answer basic questions and help resolve small issues for your team without having to call in the tech department.
  • Working with Operational Teams: Because you’re the manager, you can think of yourself as the central wheel around which everything else spins. This means that you’ll spend a good amount of the time with the customer and lots of time with your sales staff, but you’ll also be interfacing with the people who are making the products you sell and dealing with the programming side of things. It’s therefore a good idea to make sure that you’re caught upon the basic languages of all of the subject matters that happen within your firm.
  • Being a Sounding Board: One of the reasons that you are so valuable is because you will maintain a daily contact with your clients even if none is technically needed. This is valuable research—you’ll learn a lot about what clients need simply by being there fore them—but also be able to exist as the point of first contact naturally for your customers, which can make a world of difference for their experience of you and your firm.
  • Nourishing a Customizing Aptitude. One of the biggest challenges of being a digital account manager can be making sure that you treat each of your clients individually instead of adopting an umbrella mentality and allowing yourself to slip into the fallacy that all of your customer are about the same. Researching their individualities and really forcing yourself to listen to each of their problems will be a skill that takes you far in this job!

Each day can bring with it a whole lot of surprises, according to the digital account managers we spoke with for this article. If you like fast-paced jobs and speaking with a lot of different people, then being a digital account manager might be the right job for you!


Digital Account Manager Qualifications

Now that we’ve discussed some of what goes into a normal digital account manager’s day and the basic responsibilities associated with the role, it might be a good time to start pivoting to what people might expect of their digital account managers. What does it take to be a successful digital account manager? What are some things that employers might be looking for when they’re hiring a prospective candidate?

Below, we’ll go into just what you need to know. Compare your current skills and qualifications against what we have listed here to garner a good idea of whether or not you will be competitive for this position.


Typical Education Requirements

When a future employer is looking through prospective candidates, one of the first things that they’ll glance at is the amount of education you have. For a digital account manager, a prospective employer will be looking for at least a bachelor’s degree in sales or marketing, but a similar concentration in digital-related studies would also be a boon.

However, you’ll find that for this type of job, the focus will often be more on how experienced you are — i.e., what kinds of job experiences you might have had that will pertain to this role. Fortunately, hiring managers report that almost any kind of job in customer service, as long as it was held for a good amount of time and you have solid references, will work well as experience for this job. Often, they just want to see that you’re able to keep people happy and work hard to do so.

If you don’t feel you have specifically the right education or work history to back up your candidacy for this job, but you feel like it’s right for you anyway, don’t hesitate to throw your hat in the ring! Often, this sense of confidence and initiative is just what employers are looking for in the first place. However, if you take this approach, you should be prepared to back up your candidacy with as much research and specific examples as you can possibly find.


Preferred Skills

Let’s turn from history to what you have now. What skills do prospective employers want to see in their employees? Of course, the specific skills that people will be looking for will vary from firm to firm, as every hiring manager brings their own flair to the process. However, there is a central bank of skills that most people in hiring positions will want to be seeing.

  • Empathetic customer-serving attitude: The thing that brings clients back to certain companies or not is much less the specific products or services garnered (although that does, of course, help) and much more the human aspect that was brought to them while they were interacting with others at work. Empathy involves putting yourself in the other’s shoes while you’re conversing with them—so being able to bring that authentically to your job scape will do you wonders.
  • Being able to stay determined for the long haul. Customer service is not the most glamorous of positions whether you’re working in retail or working in the big digital media game—so employers will want to see that you have the perseverance to remain polite and friendly through long hours and with possibly frustrated clients.
  • A keen sense of initiative. As you’ll be the manager of a team, your oversight might be less than others on your team—and you’ll be the one managing your relationship with several people working under you. Therefore, it’ll be in your best interest to ensure that you know how to be proactive! If you can demonstrate this in your application and interview process, you’ll be much more likely to succeed and go far.
  • Impeccable organization skills. As you’ll be managing not only a large number of clients but potentially a large number of teammates within your company, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can keep everything straight! Knowledge of how to keep your team in check while inspiring everyone, and keeping all of your clients happy at the same time without mixing anyone up, will be crucial skills for you to show during your first few months on the job. Mention that you’re good at this in your interview, too!


Digital Account Manager Career Outlook

Now is a great time to be going into all things digital media! As the internet is ever-expanding and the number of digital media properties has proven to be on its meteoric rise, the number of job opportunities within the field of digital media sales and management should be skyrocketing as well. This means that now represents a great opportunity to get your feet in the door and secure a position that might serve you well for a very long time to come.


Digital Account Manager Salary Expectations

While the specific salary range of a digital account manager can vary for many different reasons, including where the firm is located, what type of clients you’ll be working with, and what education and experience you will be bringing to the role, the fact remains that being a digital account manager can be quite lucrative. However, you’ll definitely have to work for it! Data shows us that people on the lower end of the talent spectrum can count on making about $45,000 per year—but those who have worked hard and are ranked in the uppermost 10% of the rank and file might be able to make much closer to six-digit incomes.

The takeaway here? Work hard, show initiative and try to show your employers that you’re there for more than just the money. This aptitude will serve you through a number of careers, making you truly a competitive and valuable asset on anyone’s team (in this job or in any job you might have down the road).


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Be sure to refer back to this guide whenever you need to brush up for an interview or review the requirements before submitting an application! Good luck!