Digital Account Representative Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

Digital media: it represents the field of the career of the future for many of us. When you’re looking to get started in digital media and ad campaigns, a go-to career beginner is to first serve as a digital account representative. It’s a great training role that can help you get a lot of first-hand experience within the digital media industry to see if the career is right for you!

But before you apply for a job as a digital customer account representative, you likely have questions—such as, what is the specific digital account representative job description? What is a typical digital account representative salary?

In this article we’ll do a deep-dive an all things digital account service representative so that you can have a good idea before committing further if this job seems like it would be a good fit for you!


Digital Account Representative Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

What are the things you actually need to know about being a digital sales account representative before you go ahead and submit the job application? You’ll want to know what the day-to-day life of a digital account representative is, along with the qualifications, skills, and education required. You’ll certainly want to have an idea for how secure your job will be, and what the expected salary for the position is! Read on for a thorough overview of each of these topics.


Digital Account Representative Description

Customer service: it’s what a digital account representative does! Because you are considered a representative, in this role you will be the main face of your company to the client—and you will be the main one tasked with bringing the client’s needs back to the team. This makes you the conduit for success, and means that this job will open a lot of doors for you through networking! However, it also means that you need to be quick at integrating information, clever when it comes to quick problem-solving, and ready for anything it takes to ensure that your clients are happy at all times.

What does this mean? In the next few sections, we’ll delve into what, specifically, makes a good digital account representative a good digital account representative.


What Do Digital Account Representatives Do?

As the name implies, a digital account representative is the main person in charge of being the go-between between the firm they represent and the client whose digital accounts the company happens to be managing. Digital account representatives are part of a team within the digital media agency working to maintain the existing accounts of the customers they already have through the life of their advertising campaigns. However, because all companies must experience growth, digital account representatives are also in charge of researching and pitching new clients so that they can bring new accounts in at all times.

The responsibilities of a digital account representative can vary based on the number of accounts and the specific policies of the place in which they work, but the general responsibilities can be imagined as the following:

  • The digital account representative will be in charge of becoming intimately familiar with all of the accounts their company is currently running—crucially, not just the ones to which they happen to be assigned. A good digital account representative considers him or herself an expert in all accounts belonging to their firm, just in case a question is asked which they alone can answer.
  • As the main face of the company when it comes to client relations, the digital account representative will act as a sounding board and point of first contact for the client when it comes to complains and issues. Therefore, having both a good ‘bedside manner’ as well as instinctive and quick problem-solving skills is a huge bonus—as well as being able to have an innate knowledge of whom within your team to delegate issues to so that everyone can experience relief faster.
  • One of the main jobs of the digital accounts representative is communication. They will be expected to keep very close tabs on both internal and external emails and reply as instantly as possible, as they are considered a very central hub of all issues relating to day-to-day management.
  • The digital account representative will act as a conduit for all other members of the team to the client. This means that the digital account representative will be in charge of delivering invoices and monitoring payment transactions to ensure that everything happens as accurately and smoothly as is possible.
  • A digital account representative will be required to have impeccable organization skills. Digital account and media platform ad agency companies are often subjected to client audits. The digital account representative will be among those preparing for and witnessing the audit, so they have to know precisely what’s going on at all times. It is often recommended, too, that digital account representatives audit their own company’s files several times a year.
  • The digital account representative will be instrumental in propagating a sense of true collaboration across the different departments within the company, from tech to administration. A successful digital account representative will therefore have a distinct aptitude for (or ability to learn) the basics of several different specialities, including accounting, marketing, management, programming, sales, and more.
  • As one of the employees most centrally involved in pitching and prospecting for new clients, the digital account representative will be well versed in making presentations that convert audience members to future clients. All things about sales, including closing them amiably and providing fantastic customer service during the length of the campaign, will come naturally to the successful candidate.
  • Lastly, a digital account representative will serve the client with his company’s interests in mind. It will be one of the roles of the digital account representative to keep the client very well informed of additional services and products which his firm offers in which the client may wish to one day invest.

Being a successful digital account representative is an in-depth job that requires chameleon-like skills for success! Fortunately, it’s also considered a training role—it’s very possible to get your foot in the door with little experience as long as you have a lot of initiative and a very strong work ethic.


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

As this job is so client-focused, a typical day in the life of a digital account representative can vary widely—it’s all about what the customer needs! However, the digital account representatives we found said that their days are mainly spent managing email and checking budgetary numbers, as well as running for advice to different members of their teams. They report that when a client requests a face-to-face meeting their jobs become slightly more glamorous, as those are the days they eat out on their company’s dime and get dressed to the nines—but those days are few and far between! Most days are spent in meetings with their own team, doing research on prospective clients, and analyzing the data coming in on current clients.


Digital Account Representative Qualifications

We’ve talked a lot about what a digital account representative does—now, let’s pivot to something equally interesting: what employers are looking for when they’re finding a new digital account representative.

Typical Education Requirements

As opposed to similar jobs within the digital media industry, employers are often happy to accept people who have a high school or associates’ degree (or a GED). This is because this role is more based on customer service, so any experience you may have in that arena may work to your benefit! This means that this is a job to which you should definitely apply in almost any circumstance. The sense of initiative it takes to apply without a bachelor’s degree in an associated field is something most employers are very happy to see!


Preferred Skills

Because the education necessary for this role isn’t quite as delineated as others may be, the skills section is definitely your opportunity to shine. This is also because, as a jack-of-all-trades sort of occupation within your company’s larger picture, the skills required to be a great digital account representative are many. You can learn some of them on the job, but the more that you can emphasize to your prospective employer during an interview that you already have at least some familiarity with—the better. Here are the general areas of interest:

  1. Marketing: Because you will be the face of your company to the client, you need to be well versed in representing your brand as well as having a few basic ideas about the sales process and the story needed to keep everything cohesive. This might be the most important soft-skill to have—a lot of companies ask for at least a year or two of relevant marketing skills for their candidates.
  2. Sales: You’re going to want to show that you’re able to find prospective clients, pitch them winningly, and bring new business to your firm. Whether by cold calls or having a great ability to naturally network, show your future boss that you’ll bring value to the team!
  3. Fantastic customer service: This is the other talent that makes up the perfect digital account representative. You’ll want to show that you’re able to engage with the client empathetically. A happy client is a client who feels heard—and happy clients stay with their current firms. If you’re able to show that you can handle client issues in ways that make them feel understood, you’ll definitely go far in this field!

There are other skills that are invaluable to a digital account representative, such as problem solving and persistence, but these are the main three that we see employers looking for every day!


Digital Account Representative Career Outlook

The digital media industry is going strong and only getting larger every day. With the exponential rise in popularity of digital media platforms and the ever-expanding influence of the Internet, the number of entry-level jobs in digital advertisement campaign management is only expected to grow over the next decade. This means that the number of jobs should be plentiful and the jobs that people do get should be relatively stable for years to come.


Digital Account Representative Salary Expectations

Of course, the expected salary for a digital account representative will vary based upon a number of factors, including where the firm is (is it located in a large city? A small city?) and the amount and quality of the experience which you bring to the role. However, for planning purposes, we can infer some numbers regarding the expected salaries for a digital account representative. As of the most recent data, the median salary in the United States of America for digital account representation was $45,000 per annum. This can go all the way down to 31K per year for beginning associates or for firms in smaller cities, and go all the way up to 93K per year for those more experienced or working in very large cities.


Find Your Digital Account Representative Job at Digital Media Jobs!

In this article, we went through all of the aspects of being a successful digital account representative. All of this is good information that you’ll need to know in the future, should you decide that your qualifications match what this job needs, and should you decide that you’ll be applying for a job near you!

In order to find that great local job, look no further than the job listings here at Digital Media Jobs. You can use our website to find a digital account representative opening near you and prepare for your application! Be sure to reference this article whenever you need to figure something out about digital account representatives. Good luck with your job search!