Digital Brand Manager Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

Digital Brand Managers are the reason many online businesses and products are successful. 

Their primary purpose is to oversee the creation and implementation of brand marketing strategies. These types of marketing strategies aim to increase the awareness of an idea, business, or product. This can be anything from a new product being offered to increased brand recognition from a new logo.

The digital brand manager's responsibilities are varied but focus on working with brands and developing marketing strategies to help them with their online awareness. Awareness is simply a term for a consumer to recognize a brand positively.

For example, Nike, Adidas, and Puma all have great brand awareness. They've commonly known names across the country because their marketing department does an excellent job of ensuring the consumer always knows who they are. Strategies often reoccur so that consumers don’t forget the name quickly.

This work is done with the overarching goal of creating an increase in market share. Companies want consumers to view their brand positively as it increases the chance of someone purchasing their goods. It’s a key aspect to success because it influences the consumer’s decision-making process every time they look for more goods. It has the potential to create incredible success in the long term and short term. 

The digital age is booming, and so are the job opportunities to become a brand manager. The industry has recognized the extreme importance of an effective digital brand manager.

So, what is the digital brand manager job description? What about the digital brand manager's salary? What IS a digital brand manager? These are all great questions, and knowing them will help you become a successful applicant if you’re looking to break into the industry.

With that in mind, the following guide was created to enlighten you on the key factors that you should know about the digital marketing field and what hiring managers are looking for. 


Digital Brand Manager Description

Before reaching out to companies during the job search, you should know the finer details of what a digital brand manager does and what a day in the life might look like.


What Do Digital Brand Managers Do?

On a surface level, digital brand managers will increase the brand awareness of a product, business, or idea. However, the digital brand manager’s responsibilities aren’t as simple as it may seem. 

Digital brand managers will oversee complex projects that may have several different departments working together for the final brand strategy. The brand manager is directed to analyze data that comes in from market research and interpret that into a successful brand awareness strategy.

This is done by taking the data and predicting consumer behavior based on what you have found. Because the digital brand manager is targeting audiences rather than individual sales, their expertise has the potential to significantly increase revenue. 

Because the digital brand manager is overseeing and analyzing the data, they will often employ market strategies and analysts underneath themselves to help with the workload. 

Once the brand strategy is underway, you must be able to quickly adjust to consumer trends and new information you acquire. People are finicky, so you’ll need to be able to anticipate shifting behaviors and adjust accordingly. 

They often communicate directly with a research team, a marketing team, the client, and upper management. This means that having excellent communication and time management skills is a must. The world of digital marketing is fast-paced and will leave you behind in the dust if you’re not prepared to keep up. 


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Digital brand manager jobs require an early, healthy start to the day.

Your days will be continuous cycles of creating, implementing, overseeing, and adapting brand strategies. This can create a varied day, which is a benefit of most other stereotypical desk jobs.

However, there will be many constants throughout the day.

Here is what a typical day may look like for a digital brand manager:

  • Grab a coffee and a healthy breakfast before work to get your mind in the right atmosphere for the day ahead.
  • Once you arrive to work, you’ll likely have a brief meeting with the marketing team and researchers that are on your current project. You may have a few more of these throughout the day to catch up on how work is going, but they all will remain relatively brief.
  • Afterward, you’ll catch up with any current clientele and work with them to gather more data, implement a strategy, or to get them up to speed on the impact of a brand strategy
  • Throughout the day, you’ll be working with analysts to define what market data means to your strategy and the best ways to implement this. This may require you to work with other departments, upper management, or do ‘boots-on-the-ground’ work yourself.
  • Your project will likely be under a budget, so part of the day may be spent doing math and financial projections.
  • At the end of the day, you’ll likely meet with your team once more to determine what got done that day and what will need to be a priority tomorrow. Keeping your team on a tight timeline will be required as deadlines will be frequent. 


Digital Brand Manager Qualifications

You should now have a fairly good grasp of what a digital brand manager does and how their days are structured. However, it’s important to know what hiring managers will be looking for when deciding if you’re right for the position.

With that in mind, this next section is meant to help you understand the intricacies of their perspective. Education, experience, and preferred skills will all be covered. 


Typical Education Requirements

Because digital brand management comes with an increased responsibility when compared to other positions, employers will typically look for, if not require, a Bachelor’s degree. In some cases and prominent or large agencies, they may even seek a Master’s degree or higher.

These degrees can be in several fields that will relate to the position. Degree options include marketing, advertising, communication, business, business management, public relations, or any other related field. The key is to have an education that deals with the public perception of a brand and how to best market the brand to a target audience. 

While it may be possible to obtain the position without a degree, if you have a lot of prior experience, it’s not going to be easy for the average Joe. Formal education will be your best friend in increasing your chances of obtaining the digital brand manager job.

Beyond formal education, hiring managers will often require previous experience in digital marketing or at least marketing. Typically, at least two years of experience will be required. However, it will not be uncommon to see requirements of five, 10, or more years if you’re looking at distinguished companies. 

If you’re looking to get your foot in the door before becoming a digital brand manager, marketing internships or a position as a digital marketing assistant will help you. Positions within market research and analysis would be beneficial as well. 


Preferred Skills

  • Creativity and innovation. The digital brand manager will often be required to create and innovate new ideas for their strategy. Consumers have already seen a lot, so it’ll be key to present the brand in a new, positive light. This can be tricky, especially as you deal with budget constraints as well. 

  • Technically skilled. A large part of the brand manager’s job will be how they track and interpret data. This will require you to be up to snuff on all the best and emerging technologies, software, and applications. Search engine optimization tools, social media tracking tools, knowledge of helpful resources, and other industry tools will need to be mastered. They will be your helpful navigator to success. 

  • Excellent communication skills. Digital brand managers’ days are so fast-paced because of the need for constant communication. Clients, different teams, and upper management will need to be kept up to date on the process of your brand strategy and you’ll need to be able to communicate expectations, goals, and knowledge as well. That’s why it’s necessary for you to not only be able to keep up with the communication but also to be able to do it masterfully without taking time away from your work. 

  • Analytical love. At the core of it, a digital brand manager analyzes data and using that knowledge to influence consumer behavior. Mathematics and knowledge of the best marketing research tactics will need to be second nature to you. They’re the skills that will often carry you to success.

  • Brand managers will be overseeing the entire brand strategy. In other words, the buck stops with you. You’ll need to take responsibility for mistakes or failures and then highlight your team for your success. Restructuring strategies and finding alternative methods may be common, and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying again. 

  • Time management. Between constant communication, research, analysis, and oversight of the strategy, your days can become full quickly. Time management will be essential in your success as the ability to manage everything on your plate in a timely fashion is key. 

  • Knowledge of industry best practices and methods. As the brand manager, you’ll be expected to be a leading resource for your organization in the best marketing and brand awareness practices and methods. How to gather data, how to interpret it, and deciding how to use that interpretation for a brand’s benefit will all play a large role in a digital brand manager’s success.


Digital Brand Manager Career Outlook

Overall, the outlook for marketing positions is optimistic. This is especially true for the need for management and executive positions within the field. 

While the general economy is expected to receive only modest growth shortly, the need for qualified and experienced managers and executives will far outpace other jobs. Percentages speak to the truth as low estimates range from a 10 percent growth within 10 years to 20 percent. 

Whether you’re lowballing or highrolling, the future for marketing positions and marketing management positions is exceedingly good. 

This substantial increase in growth is speculated to be because of the relentless success of the internet. The digital age has advanced us more than anyone could imagine, and the effects are shown within the digital marketing field.

We’re now reaching a point where a new generation of consumers is acquiring significant spending money for the first time. This new generation has lived their entire lives with the internet, making them significantly more likely to use and be influenced by digital marketers than through traditional methods. 

This makes it an excellent time to try to enter the industry. Beginning a new position within digital marketing, acquiring a graduate-level education, or beginning your journey into undergraduate education are all good ideas. 


Digital Brand Manager Salary Expectations

Potential job applicants will be pleased to know that the digital brand manager salary is nothing to scoff at. The median pay comes in at around $80,000. The low end of that spectrum sees near $60,000 and the high end comes in at a little more than $100,000.

Take into account that these numbers reflect years of experience, time spent at the same organization, and geographic location. In areas where the cost of living and population is low, less money is typically offered as you won’t need to spend as much. 

Any way you put it, digital brand managers shouldn’t have much, if any, financial issues. 


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