Online Advertising Manager Job Description - Qualifications, Requirements & Salary Data

Online advertising managers have become essential to any business in the modern-day advertising world. As the age of the internet advances, advertising has broken off into two departments: print and online. 


That’s where online advertising managers come in. As the need for advertising becomes more complex online, it’s become essential to have a professional advertising manager that specializes in the online realm. 


The digital advertising manager job description may vary slightly from company to company. However, they’ll generally be responsible for a team of advertisers and lead the charge on advertising campaigns, major spending decisions, and will be the boots on the ground from time to time as well. The online advertising manager is typically involved at multiple levels in an advertising campaign, so they will wear many hats along the way. 


What does an online advertising manager do? What does a day in the life look like? What are the job prospects? What are online advertising manager responsibilities and how do you get there? And, of course, how much money can an online advertising manager make?


These are the questions many have as fields have begun rapidly emerging in the digital age. This helpful guide will guide you through the ins and outs of the online advertising manager. 


Often, advertising jobs have been made to seem glamorous by TV shows and Hollywood productions. You’ll find images of ‘ad men’ smoking cigarettes in a conference room full of suits and luxury items. They’ll puff smoke as they talk back and forth about creativity and reconstructing brands. 


Yes, online advertising managers will often find themselves in suits talking to other suits about rebranding and creatively constructing campaigns. However, the role can be quite hectic on some days and won’t be as carefree as it may seem.


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 Online Advertising Manager Description

Before considering a career as an online advertising manager, you need to know as much as possible about the role. It’s more complex than the public realizes and has a specific set of skills and requirements to break into the industry.


Let’s dive in.


 What Do Online Advertising Managers Do?

The role of a digital ads manager is a broad one, to say the least. 


Generally, you’ll find that they work with a team of advertisers that collaborate for an advertising campaign. These campaigns will be tailored for specifics businesses and brands to promote an idea. This idea can be an upcoming Christmas sale, promoting a new release, or part of a rebranding process.


Almost all companies have a website where they promote their products, services, and office customer support. Generally, these websites are prime opportunities to place advertisements. This can either be for increased revenue or to promote the business itself. Online advertising managers will be in charge of directing how this process works.


Of course, they’re also a managerial role. Beyond the team the online advertising manager resides in, they’ll communicate with different departments. This can include graphic design teams, market researchers, and upper management. Fiscal responsibility will be key as well as the online advertising manager's responsibilities also include overseeing a budget. 


Often, you’ll find the digital ads manager working in a ‘boots-on-the-ground role’ as well. They may work on market research or be in direct contact with a client on behalf of the company.


 What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Online advertising managers will have the benefit of varying workday. Most days won’t look completely the same, which is an underrated benefit of most jobs. However, there will always be a similar outline to how each day plays out. 


As a manager, those that find themselves in the role will typically focus on one or more websites that are under their responsibilities. If an advertising campaign is already in place, they may find themselves working through the steps of the campaign. This can include promoting the website, creating and promoting press releases, posting news to the website, or working with different departments of the company to achieve one of these goals.


If an advertising campaign is being created, digital ad managers will often be found working with their teams to create an effective ad campaign. Strategy, tactics, and discussion on branding will be the topic of many days, with an emphasis on how to promote the idea behind the campaign. This will also include significant financial responsibilities as the manager works to determine the best methods to generate traffic while working within their current budget.


When working with teams, they’ll often delegate different responsibilities and oversee their completion as well. Of course, they’ll be on point for providing guidance and assistance as well. 


Regardless of whether the advertising manager is involved in a campaign or creating one, team meetings, research, and plenty of coffee will be shared by most working days of the online advertising manager. 


H2 - Online Advertising Manager Qualifications

By now, you understand what an online advertising manager does in a general sense. This next section is all about the qualifications of the position. It’s important to know what employers are looking for so you can understand whether this career path is right for you. 


To help you along the way, we’ve provided a few metrics that will play a large role in your decision below. 


Typical Education Requirements

Most online advertising managers hold at least a bachelor’s in a related field. This field is usually marketing, communications, journalism, mass media, or simply advertising. Some institutions offer a degree specifically in online advertising as well if you’re interested in a more targeted degree.


While most hold a bachelor's, it’s not uncommon to find online advertising managers with a master’s degree in a similar field as well. This bolstered education will push candidates for manager positions forward. Of course, it’s also possible to land in the role of an advertising manager with an associate's degree, though more work experience will be required.


Business and business management degrees could also find themselves as an advertising manager, as there are many business aspects in a managerial position. Internships directly involved with advertising or that include fiscal responsibilities will always help, as will previous positions that hold similar responsibilities. 


Many who find themselves wanting to become an online advertising manager will often lack fiscal and leadership experience, which are some of the key qualifications that set you apart from others as a manager. Any experience in those fields will bolster chances.


Preferred Skills

Like many behind-the-scenes jobs, the public often misjudges the skills required of the online advertising manager. Because the role will wear many different hats throughout each workday, a large array of skills will be preferred when potential employers search for a candidate. Not only are there many preferred skills, but you’re also going to need to be a master of each of them.


Here are the preferred skills of an online advertising manager:

  • Superb communication skills. The online advertising manager will be working frequently with their internal teams and departments, but will also sometimes represent the company externally as well. You’ll need to be able to build relationships with clientele, focus on public relations, and maintain a working relationship with those internally. People persons will find themselves excelling in this position.
  • Fiscally responsible. One of the most important aspects of the online advertising manager’s role will be to manage the budget that is associated with a project. This budget is often based on the client’s willingness to expend, and the manager will be in charge of seeing that it’s done. This often poses challengers to the manager and their team as they work to find the best strategy while keeping themselves within budget. It’s key that the manager can manage the budget while still delivering exceptional work. 
  • Time management. Because the online advertising manager will be working in various positions, days will be filled with different meetings, deadlines, and expectations. Time management skills will be required to keep all your ducks in a row and stay on top of work.
  • A passion for creativity. Advertising, at its core, is influencing a brand, idea, or product onto a large number of targeted consumers. A large part of this process will be understanding your target audience and knowing how to present an idea to them that is well received. Creativity will be needed to approach them in a way that appeals to them while keeping the ideals of the brand at heart. 
  • Expertise in industry software and research methods. Within the advertising industry, there will be many areas that require the use of the software. This can be anything from graphic design to structuring focus groups, to tracking performance data. Expertise in Microsoft Excel, SEO-based programs, and other industrial applications will be necessary. A solid background in math will also benefit you as complex calculations are often required when tracking research.
  • The drive to succeed. Believe it or not, advertising campaigns sometimes bust. A good online advertising manager will notice that the campaign is ineffective sooner rather than later. This is simply part of the process of understanding your audience better. Ideally, an online advertising manager will need to be prepared with plan Bs and alternative options on a moment’s notice. 


 Online Advertising Manager Career Outlook

Overall, prospects for an online advertising manager and digital marketing, in general, is predicted to be excellent in the coming years.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growth of approximately 9 percent is expected for all advertisers, marketing managers, and promoters by 2024. 


This is great news for those looking to enter the field and eventually become a digital ads manager, as there is a relatively low barrier for entry. Entry-level positions typically require a Bachelor’s degree in one of the related fields mentioned above, but higher education isn’t always necessary. This is especially true if you’re coming from a traditional advertising background in print. 


This will be the best path for those interested in becoming an online advertising manager but don’t have an advertising experience yet. 


As a new age of consumers is being brought up, more online advertising manager positions will become available. This is because the new generation of consumers is beginning to receive expendable money for the first time and they’ve been birthed into an era that depends on the internet. This audience is much more likely to spend money online rather than traditional methods. 


 Online Advertising Manager Salary Expectations

You’ll be pleased to know that online advertising managers won’t often find themselves struggling financially. On average, an advertising manager is slated to make approximately $132,000. 


Of course, this number can be expected to go up or down depending on the prominence of the agency you work for. It also factors in employees who have been working in the industry for several years, so expect a slightly lower pay when first being introduced to the role.


Overall, the online advertising manager salary is projected to remain extremely lucrative in the upcoming fields, making this a great time to begin your career. Even in entry-level positions, digital markets can expect to receive substantially more pay when compared to the median pay of other professions.


 Find Your Online Advertising Manager Job

Finding an online advertising manager job won’t be incredibly difficult if you’re in a large city. Those in rural areas will have a harder time finding a position unless working for a smaller, local agency. 


Once you’ve considered the qualifications and if you meet them, feel free to use the job listings here on Digital Media Jobs to find a listing in your area that fits your skills and experience. 


After you’ve found your dream job, simply submit a quick and easy application using our recommendations coupled with the information above.


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