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Our Process

Digital Media Jobs is a leading job platform that enables efficient and meaningful connections between employers and potential candidates. Our mission is to help job seekers build a successful career in digital media, online marketing and advertising while helping companies access top-level talent.  

Job Seekers & Candidates

Employers & Recruiters

  1. Fill in the Candidate Information & Add Your CV. Create a personal resume containing relevant information about yourself, including the details that uncover your expertise and experience within the selected field.

  2. Enable Job Alerts. Activate automated alerts to receive the latest job openings that are most relevant to your experience and skillset. 

  3. Review the Featured Jobs & Track Job Alerts. Regularly review the latest job postings at DMJ, checking the most important criteria such as location, job category, job requirements, and more to find the most relevant vacancies.

  4. Apply for the Desired Job Openings. Once you've found the jobs that best match your desired career expectations, contact the companies by email or reach out via phone or through their website.

  5. Recieve the Company Response & Get Ready for the Interview! Once you receive a response, it's time to prepare for the interview.
  1. Create Your Company Profile. Register your company or business.

  2. Choose the Right Posting Plan. Depending on the number of open positions, you can choose a single job posting plan or opt for the unlimited monthly listings.

  3. Add the Relevant Job Openings. For each of your open positions, outline the requirements, desired skills and specific expertise you're looking for.

  4. Review the Applicants for Your Vacancy. Once you've posted the job on DMJ, our system will inform you about the best-matching candidates for each of your current job openings.

  5. Schedule an Interview with the Potential Candidates & Get Your First Hires! Once you've found the best candidates for your open roles, schedule an interview and prepare to make an offer.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Digital Media Jobs an employment agency or recruiting service?

The main goal of our service is to enhance the hiring process for both job seekers and their future employers. At DMJ, applicants can explore the vacancies that are relevant to their experience, skills, and career objectives, while companies can increase their pool of candidates with the right expertise in digital marketing, online media and advertising. 

What is the maximum limit for job listings per company?

DMJ offers a wide range of accessible posting plans that allow employers to find job candidates at the best cost. Currently, we offer a single job posting for a specific vacancy, three and five postings for different job positions, and a one-month unlimited job posting offer for large-scale recruitment campaigns. 

Is Digital Media Jobs free for job seekers?

Yes, job seekers can use the DMJ job search service at no cost. Create an account, explore the latest job openings, and get customized alerts based on your career preferences, expertise, and experience, and get the job offers from the top-level companies for free! 

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