Feb 27, 2023

Juliana Hirniak

  • Digital Media Planner
  • Hoboken, NJ, USA
Full time Digital Media

Personal Summary

As someone who has a strong interest in working in a creative and collaborative setting, I am eager to submit my application for the position as a digital media planner. As a recent graduate from Rutgers University- New Brunswick with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University- New Brunswick, I am confident in my abilities to be able to succeed in this position. 

During my time as an elementary school teacher, I have worked in both a virtual as well as in an in-person environment. Because of this, I am assured of my abilities in working with a variety of different people as well as platforms in a fast-paced work environment. I have developed vital collaborative skills after working with a number of students, teachers, administration, as well as parents. My responsibilities in this position include keeping up with student trends, managing classroom procedures, developing innovative lessons and success plans, updating the use of digital platforms, working in a collaborative setting to increase retention, incorporating various technological platforms within curriculum, as well as creating and promoting a positive and safe environment.

The experience that I attained through my experience as a teacher has allowed me to build on my ability to adjust quickly, adapt to different trends and situations occurring, develop a successful academic experience, improve my multitasking skills, as well as monitor and strive for individualized student success. Being a teacher and an entertainer is one in the same. It is our purpose to convince young students of the importance of doing their work and striving to do great in school. Being able to understand your audience as a teacher is crucial. Being disciplined is essential when it comes to promoting a successful classroom. It required me learn about the individual needs and wants of each student in order to provide them with resources and geared towards their learning needs. 

I am a fast learner, and am able to adapt quickly to situations within my environment. I am highly skilled at monitoring and developing new ideas on various platforms, adapting to a variety of different situations, circumstances and trends, as well as being able to communicate clearly and effectively with others in order to ensure successful collaboration. I recognize the value in time management, hard work, as well and drive. I excel in settings where I am able to work and speak with others in developing new ideas based on the needs and wants of others.

As an educator I am known to be personable, creative, reliable, and driven. My adaptability allows me to work in many different settings, as well as with many different people. 

My resume goes into further detail on my experiences and qualifications. It would be an honor and a pleasure to speak more about this position with your team, and be able to discuss this opportunity in greater detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Work Experience

Sep 2022 - Feb 2023 Hoboken Public Schools

My responsibilities during this role includ but are not limited to:

  • Enhance student learning by optimizing a wide range of interactive instructional approaches and innovative classroom activities

  • Develop and provide individualized learning plans for each student to promote interactive learning

  • Record and analyze student progress through the use of data

  • Follow and implement student trends in order to increase success and understanding
  • Facilitate active and collaborative communication between teachers, administration, and parents

  • Gather instructional materials and supports geared towards meeting student developmental goals


Masters in Education
Sep 2017 - May 2021 Rutgers University