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Some possible reasons for POP server timeout error 0x8004210a in MS Outlook

  • Your server has been time out soon due to a large attachment via email. Also, if the server is reaching the time limit, then in such case, it will go off and the operation you are doing will stop soon.
  • The unconnected internet or any unavailable network connection might be the reason for experiencing such issues while trying to send or receive any kind of email.
  • Your Outlook profile might have been damaged or corrupted
  • Your email account settings are wrong and so, you will find such an issue

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Read this article if you need to fix the POP server timeout problem 0x8004210a in Microsoft Outlook. The easy procedures to fix MS Outlook's POP server timeout error 0x8004210a are provided here. Proceed, and if you have any issues with Microsoft Outlook, get in touch with the professionals immediately.